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You will remember that my cat Nefret thinks the best place in the world to sit is in the middle of my laptop's keyboard. To wit, on the previous laptop, now in [ profile] redcoast's possession:

And she's looking at me like *I'm* the crazy one. )

(I don't just close it when I'm away from it because there's an external hard drive connected that [ profile] janabard and [ profile] grian_ruadh store files on.)

So last night, after dinner, I went off to lie in bed as I felt like my heart was racing and my face was flushed and hot (no idea what that was about, probably too much caffeine). I was back there for a little while, never really did fall asleep but felt better, when [ profile] grian_ruadh came back to deliver the news. (I'm paraphrasing here.)

G: So, you forgot to put the butt guard down on your laptop.
Me: Whoops. Did you put it down for me?
G [continuing]: I was at my desk and I hear this little click-click, pick-pick sound coming from the direction of your desk.
Me: *dread washing over me*
G: I turned around and that little brat was sitting there, trying to pry your keys off with her claws.
Me: !!!!
G: She only got one off...
Me: !!!!!!!!!!
G: ...but it popped right back on and seems to be fine.

And yes, the 3 is fine, no tool marks (as it were). And she also managed to press and hold down the power button, turning the machine off too.

Guess who's now quite vigilant about the butt guard?

Ahh, cats.
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Nefret's favourite place to sit: in the middle of my laptop's keyboard. )

I can't really close the top because of issues with the video connection. But being sick of finding rows of /////// in my documents or spontaneous preference panels or Spotlight searches open, I have taken to placing a glass cutting board over the keyboard. The little rubber feet sit perfectly at the corners of the keyboard and prevent the keys from being depressed, and more importantly, keep cat ass off the keys my fingers have to touch.

No, we don't use the board for cutting anymore. At least we won't before a good run through the dishwasher.

Thank you

Jun. 8th, 2008 07:18 pm
peppermintesse: (Curious) all who thought good things. They took x-rays to make sure it wasn't the beginnings of heart failure (she's an old kitty, 14, with a heart murmur). Thankfully they saw no evidence of that.

So Rowan's home, on antibiotics, and tomorrow we'll get a prescription for a bronchial dilator (in pill form). The first thing she did after we dosed her was polish off all of the remaining turkey wet food in the bowls. I think she's feeling better.
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Have to take Rowan (kitty in icon) to emergency vet center. It sounds like she is majorly congested, having wheezing fits and seems to be having trouble swallowing (which might have to do with not being able to breathe through her nose). We are hoping it's something not too major--we're worried enough about getting her into the carrier, which freaks her out under the best of circumstances. =(


Apr. 20th, 2007 09:34 pm
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Via the Daily Mail: This cat has figured out how to take the bus.
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New great cat species identified in Borneo, says the World Wildlife Foundation.


Feb. 17th, 2007 11:00 am
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(Gratuitous Kitty Pic)

So Arwen is pretty much back to normal after her dental ordeal, having kitty flip-outs and playing chase with Nefret, though the shaved bits from the IV are not completely grown back yet. Here she is from not too long ago.

There was a great moment right before this where she and Nefret were side by side looking out the window like a matched set (though Nefret is still smaller), but the picture came out blurry. :P

There was a funny moment this morning when she was curled up in the crook of my arm in bed. Nefret came bounding in, trilling away (clearly about something urgent), and Arwen got up and they left together.


This weekend's the Asian Celebration--bhangra dancers at 4:30-ish, Portland teiko drummers at 5-ish. Yay!


Hm. My domain is down. Interesting.
ETA: It's back up. Hurrah!
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From [ profile] grian_ruadh's journal: The Great Kibble Heist of 2007. I would have loved to have seen this.

ETA: This happened on Friday night, for clarification's sake. Yep, Arwen's feelin' better.
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Cat pics: no flash Nefret, Rowan the Cushion Queen, & pile of black cats asleep )

Free to good (local) home: a really honkin' out-of-control aloe plant bearing a striking resemblance to some sort of cephalopod. )

In other news, a v. good day. Went to see a Korean calligraphy exhibit (and gawk at the Chinese robes etc.) at the Schnitzer Museum of Art, did some shopping, got the laundry done... and I can pretty much relax all day tomorrow. WHEE!
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I wonder what it is about the evolutionary history of house cats that compel them to bat pens and other long, thing, cylindrical objects off of desks.

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Rowan willingly allowing the kitten to do this? I'm pretty sure it's a sign of the apocalypse. )

ETA: Shortly after this, they both went to sleep. ON THEIR HEADS!
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Uploaded onto the iPod last night: Music for the Masses (except for the last 4 songs aka the songs on side B of the tape) by Depeche Mode and In My Tribe by 10,000 Maniacs (the rereleased version minus "Peace Train", which I am working on acquiring), both of which I listened to almost non-stop in high school and college. Now to decide which to listen to this morning during my commute (aka the walk to the bus station). Considering I've had "What's the Matter Here?" stuck in my head since last night, I'm thinking the latter.

I am eating chocolate ice cream for breakfast. Throat is sore—not so sore that I think it's strep, but enough that I kept waking up during the night. Zzzzz.

Two more days 'til Friday, and next week's work week is only 3 days long. Halle-freakin'-lluia.

Oh, after a course of antibiotics, Rowan (eldest kitty) is back to her ol' wheezy self. Yay!
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Of the bad: I have to work tomorrow. :P My throat is scratchy. I'm fricking sick of wraps for lunch, and Safeway has stopped carrying the precooked chicken wings (aka Buffalo wings).

Of the good: KITTEN DAY!

We went and bought kitten-related stuff last night (kitten kibble, kitten wet food, a collar, and a third food bowl -- theme: purple). I can see it now: Rowan is not going to speak to us for days when we bring this interloper in. :)


Oct. 10th, 2006 05:29 pm
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We've gotten the green light from the Cool Landlord for a new kitten! Yay!


Jun. 25th, 2006 11:59 am
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Woke up this morning sounding like I smoke a pack and a half a day, and feeling slightly woozy. Sad thing is my poor cat Rowan is sneezing and sounds congested too. And they're forecasting a high of 98°F, which I know is peanuts for some of you, but it's also kind of humid, and we don't have A/C. And I feel crappy. Who knows -- there may be a trip to the movies anyway.

Also, note to self: don't take your sinus / allergy meds on an empty stomach, because your stomach does not like it. You should know better.
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  1. Rowan is doing better and healing up just fine.

  2. Today it was 70° F and glorious and I got to leave work at 2:15pm...

  3. ...because I had a filling done today. Whee.

  4. I finally saw the Gates McFadden Microsoft ad. It was on during "Bones". She looks amazing and gorgeous.

  5. Not one reaction to the 'Firth as Roman soldier dude in inexplicably renamed film due out in 2007' pictures?

  6. Almost time for "Lost". GAH! NO "LOST"!

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Well, just like last year, Rowan's got TM[Kitty]I ) We just bathed her and now we are Evil Incarnate™. We're going to take a watch and see attitude regarding antibiotics (which we gave her last year).

I just hope she doesn't have to use the catbox before she dries off. Ick. (Now she's sitting in front of the heater drying off. Yay.)
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So I found a couple of fairly crappy-quality video files previewing the movie previously known as The Last Legion, which has for some bizarre reason been retitled The Enchanted Sword (WTF?!). For your viewing pleasure, I present: Pictures behind the cut. They're fairly small. )


In other news: After a day of hiding in closets and beneath the stairs, we've determined that Rowan seems to have another blocked anal gland (almost exactly 1 year later). Why does this always happen on a weekend? :P

peppermintesse: (Up to no good) Pictures of cats with things placed on them. Pens. Puzzle Pieces. Apples. Tape dispensers. Coasters.

These people are alllll going to kitty hell.


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