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Which, of course, we like: The Recently Deflowered Girl (not child). (Thanks, S., for the link.)


Sep. 3rd, 2008 07:21 pm
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Sarah Palin, by someone who knows her. And it's not pretty. I really, really don't want this woman a heartbeat away from the top office of this nation.
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WTF happened to Onsen??? There is a patch of empty land where once it stood. Does anyone local know?


ETA: FALSE ALARM, thank heavens... see comments.
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Well, okay, maybe not as bizarre as in Fred Meyer last night.

Went out for brunch, and in the waiting area in the pancake house the TV was on. It was tuned to some kind of ice show, people skating in a choreographed sort of way but not in competition... and the Barenaked Ladies were playing out there on the ice. (Seriously. This sounds dream-like, but I have witnesses.) The sound was off so I couldn't tell what it was they were playing, and the Bank of Montreal ad on the side of the rink kinda clued me in that it was happening in Canada, but... it seemed so randomly strange. I have no idea what I was seeing. Anyone have a clue?
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[YES]      [NO]


Nov. 7th, 2006 09:56 pm
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Paratrooping arachnid assaults while in the shower? Completely optional.
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Well, after a reboot, the SuperDrive is working again. Go figure.
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1.) Last night, as I was preparing to take a shower, I felt a fine mist of water coming up over the top of the shower curtain. "That's not right," thought I, having just deposited my glasses by the side of the sink and preparing to step in. I pulled aside the shower curtain nearest the water controls, and I could barely make out water streaming sideways from where the showerhead and hose meet (it was one of those handheld showerheads -- something like this, only much lower end). I reached for the thing only to have it fall off in my hand -- and to see a plume of water aimed straight up out of the hose that was left behind.

I could only laugh, half-covered with water, because really, what else could I do? I guess the ol' showerhead (which was in desperate need of replacement anyway) couldn't handle the pressure. Literally. The water pressure seems to be a little higher here.

2.) My SuperDrive is suddenly no longer accepting discs. It's like there's no power to the drive at all. WTF??? (I just rebooted. Maybe rebooting again will help?)
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I went to the Kiva for some lettuce for dinner on my way home today, and 1.) the girl who used to be our favourite waitress at the pancake house was working behind the deli counter, 2.) one of our regular café regulars, Loren, was shopping in the aisles, and, perhaps the weirdest of all, 3.) David, the former owner of Palace Bakery, was working the checkout till. He recognized me at about the same time I recognized him. He's doing it part time and loves it. ([ profile] hrothgar1, he says Hi!)
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1.) A man standing at the bus station, shaved head, with his sunglasses perched so that for a split second it honestly looked like a man with no lower half to his face. Until I realized I was looking at him from behind.

2.) The man next to me on the bus this morning, who peeled open a container of Altoids, and then proceeded to put mint after mint into his mouth. I saw him do at least 5 before I had to turn away.

What a strange morning.


Apr. 5th, 2006 10:07 pm
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I just saw Gates McFadden in a Microsoft ad. Did I just slip into some kind of alternate universe?


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