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I initially put this in a comment on [ profile] trexphile's LJ but I might as well share the love.

From my YouTube favourites, fanvideos for "The Office" (US):

The Death of Jim Halpert: "Dwight Schrute becomes a hero when he investigates the murder of Jim Halpert to find his killer and get revenge." (It's very clever.)

You're So Damn Hot: This is fun :)

If I Were Gay: "What I learned from making this vid: Dwight looks longingly at Michael kind of a LOT. If he were gay, he'd totally do him."

It's Gettin' Hot In Here: Great sense of timing on this one.

The Office in: Threat Level Midnight: A Bond spoof of sorts :)

Dwight Schrute!: This is HILARIOUS. Dwight's own theme song! I don't know who does the song but it's funny!

Dunder and Dwightning by Sweet Diss and the Comebacks. This song is made of AWESOME. ETA: Spoilers for season 3 in the lyrics, if you haven't seen it!

Oh and super sekrit to [ profile] trexphile and [ profile] tarzanic: MegaUpload didn't work, or rather, the upload process didn't. Guess the interweb tube wasn't big enough. Returning to Plan B :P
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What NBC 'The Office' Character are you? )

The spelling on this quiz is APPALLING. Just giving ya fair warning should you take it.

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Oh no!

May. 17th, 2007 07:03 am
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Jenna Fischer (Pam on "The Office") falls and breaks her back in 4 places. High heels & marble staircase: not a good combination. :( The story says she is expected to recover in 4-6 weeks; not how she wanted to spend the off-season hiatus, I'm sure. Sending good thoughts.

The funny

Apr. 23rd, 2007 10:22 pm
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In case you didn't see: Playing Dwight Schrute is... Jim Halpert? (promo for this week's episode of "The Office": "Product Recall". Probably the pre-theme song teaser).

ETA: And kinda spoiler-y, so, beware.
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Lost: Oh, Desmond. This episode made me love you. (That was, I think, the best episode all season so far. Well-told, and !!!-inducing at the end.)

The Office: Oh, Pam. Oh, Michael. Oh, Joss Whedon.
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Today at work I had a fax something to a guy named Jim in Scranton, PA.
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It is very windy outside... and all I keep thinking is "don't let the power go out for 'The Office' tonight."
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Another headache. Am thinking I might need to see the doctor as it is the fourth day in a row, at least. :P

Love having BBC America. Stayed up too damn late and watched two hours of "The Office" UK last night. OMG, the guy who played the porn double in Love Actually (as well as Arthur Dent in the recent Hitchhiker's Guide movie) played Tim (counterpart to Jim from the US version and yes, I realize the UK one came before the US version)! And the guy who played the pirate with the wooden eye in POTC played Gareth (the Dwight counterpart)! I quite enjoyed it, once I got into the cadence of the accents.

Much to do, no energy to do it. Bleh.
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If anyone spoils me for "The Office" before I have a chance to watch on probably Saturday, blood will spill.

I'm just sayin'.


Sep. 18th, 2006 09:24 pm
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Since ditching DirecTV, we have no TV (I suppose if I wanted to I could try to locate an antenna. ::looks to garage:: Not happening.). I have just been informed that the cable isn't being installed until the 26th.

The Office season premiere is the 21st.

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(How did I not have a tag for "The Office" already?)

Conan O'Brien crawls through the "Lost" hatch and ends up in Dunder-Mifflin (courtesy of the M).

ETA: The entire intro clip from the Emmys, with "Lost", "The Office", "24", "House", "South Park" and "Dateline NBC" (was that even nominated?).


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