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Company picnic was pretty good. Catered by a local restaurant, Hole in the Wall BBQ (which doesn't sound like much of a ringing endorsement, but it was very good stuff). We didn't stay very long because it was starting to get very hot. Then a bit of shopping for the necessities of life (like blueberries), then back home to watch the rest of Galaxy Quest we'd started the other night.

We then watched a recent episode of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" that a friend had taped for us* since we don't get Bravo, which focused on revamping a 'medieval re-creationist', Eric. Aside from Carson not being able to grok that we don't wear that sort of thing in our every day life (you should have seen the griffin-embroidered corduroys — holy mother of God, can you say 'UGLY'?), it was very funny and very good. (And subject of the hour cleaned up really well!)

[* = O, modern times: it was a file on a DVD-R from his TiVo.]
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Per [ profile] scubawoman's request, I've created a Scrapbook gallery with all the images of original scribal-type work I've done that I could find digitized, anyway; can't think of anything it's missing though. (Included: a certain someone's commemorative wedding scroll ;D )
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Spent part of Saturday at a higher than usual elevation and when the sun went down the temperature dropped to freezing like a stone, and the wind, oh the wind. So all day yesterday my voice has been shot to hell and my throat feels swollen. Of course, it's not bad enough that I can't work, oh no.

Finished Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Why do I keep picturing Paul McGann as Jonathan Strange?

Time to go catch the bus. (Ah yes, the strike only lasted a week. Thank goodness!)
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My back is out and consequently is causing the entirety of the left side of my body to ache (and make me mistype and misspell words that involve keys from the left side of the keyboard). I took half of one of my prescription painkiller pills (opiate variety) and it's mostly effective in deadening the pain, but mostly, it makes me care less about it. Whee!

Had meeting this morning with Mortgage Guy. It looks like if it works out like he plans, we will be saving about $400 a month (between mortgage payments, property taxes, and homeowners insurance) when all is said and done. knocks on wood, rattles chicken bones, prays, etc. etc.

Last night I worked out what I think will be a pretty accurate pattern for making my Mongolian braid cases. I based it on the measurements given in (and photos and sketches in) Martha Boyer's Mongol Jewelry. Of course, the outfit I want to reproduce is the one that has the least amount of photodocumentation in the book. Argh.

I can tell I'm boring you. I'll stop now. ;)


May. 30th, 2002 02:08 pm
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Time flies so fast.

We're approved for a refinance, but have to come up with the funds on rather short term notice for the appraisal. Augh.

An's been told she has "strong qualifications" for the corporate support division at Symantec (which is not being outsourced -- can you say "benefits"? A pay raise?). I went and had lunch with her at their cafeteria, which is incredible. And it seems they knew I was coming-- one of the items was Red Hot Buffalo Wings. With bleu cheese (the right way to serve it, not with ranch dressing!) and celery and carrot sticks. It was delicious...

Egil's was fun, as it always is. And as always, I experience an attack of the Shy Loser Lizard Brain That No One Wants To Talk To. I end up being my own worst enemy.

Can't think of anything else to add at the moment.
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So busy busy busy! Getting ready for Egil's, dealing with Symantec outsourcing their customer support division (better known as, firing everyone but recommending that they work for the outsourcing company -- a lot of people plan on finding new work), becoming a sponsor to a 10 month old Mongolian girl named Uchral (which means "fate" (roughly) in Mongolian).

I have been working on my new Mongolian headdress. I based it on a pattern from my Mongol Jewelry book by Martha Boyer. I'm using the truckload of seed beads that appear to actually be coral, along with a present I got last year for Solstice -- a beaded band decorated with coral (real or not, I don't know, but it sure looks real), turquoise and cowrie shells. So far I'm pleased at the integration between the pre-decorated and what I'm decorating. Looks good!

Mercury is retrograde. Whee. :P


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