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I'm going to pass on this link because I could try to duplicate the eloquence of [ profile] mtgat's post, but I have had a very craptastic day, and would fail miserably.

Rights and Wrongs

I was going to paste in a snippet, but it really must be read in totality. (Hello, Salem Witch Hunt; hello, Inquisition.)

Also, Fox news called Foley a Democrat. He is not. He is a Republican.

"Catastrofuck". My new favourite word. I ♥ Jon Stewart.
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My coffee maker seems to have died suddenly. It's plugged in, it has water in it, the clock's on, the light comes on when I press the button... but the heating element is not heating up. This coffee maker isn't that old, either.

::drags ass::
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Turns out when Jiffy Lube did work on our truck yesterday, they undid some jury-rigging we did, to route coolant around the broken heater coil. The puddle of coolant in the street verifies that there is none actually left in the truck. Thank GOODNESS it's winter and is fucking cold outside, because that kept the engine cool enough to not fatally overheat.

Jiffy Lube will be getting quite an earful tomorrow. See my pissed off Katchoo face there?

ETA: As I put in the comments, it turns out it was nothing Jiffy Lube actually did. The water pump just picked a really crappy time to crack. An took it back to Jiffy Lube and they added stop-leak and topped off the coolant at no charge, but the local garage diagnosed that the water pump needs to be replaced. They want to charge $400 to replace it, and the part at the local auto parts store is a whopping $17. We're trying to recruit help to swap it out ourselves. :P
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Via [ profile] ciroccoj, from I Drew This:

Every American needs to read this, and get spitting mad about it. )

And to anyone who thinks D. C. Simpson is out of line, I say: KISS MY ASS, because I'm that pissed off, and I don't get that pissed off that often.

ETA: I forgot to also include this prophetic Houston Chronicle story from 2001, also linked from the same site above.
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…of being hot and sweaty. I am starting to think it's just me. Surely no one else is boiling hot at 9:38pm @ 71° outside.

*waves crazily to [ profile] _xis* It's so weird how one's social spheres collide on the internet (and LJ).

Just finished Goblet of Fire last night and am on to Order of the Phoenix. I'd forgotten how annoyingly hostile Harry is throughout much of this book. I'm sure it's realistic for a 15 year old boy to be moody and rebellious, but it's still a bit grating to read SO! MANY! CAPS!
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But it was damned hot today. 95°. And oh, big surprise, pollen count is very high. Cue one miserable me.

No word yet on the job/s. Feh


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