Aug. 10th, 2008 01:35 pm
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First Bernie Mac, now Isaac Hayes, dead at 65.


Jun. 22nd, 2008 10:49 pm
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I am supremely sad. George Carlin has died.

It astounds me to think of in retrospect, but my dad used to let me watch his specials on HBO and listen to his comedy albums when I was younger. I grew up with the genius and wit of this guy, and still howl with laughter whenever I catch a bit of his routine (he's even funnier to watch than simply listen to with that plastic face of his).

He was 71.
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John Inman has died. :(


Sep. 5th, 2006 05:27 pm
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Have a big long post about moving... sitting trapped on my laptop. :) Good points of house: 2 full-sized water heaters, sterilizing dishwasher, larger bedroom, much larger bathroom (with 2 sinks), DirectTV through Qwest instead of Comcast for cheaper (OMG, BBC America?!?!?! I hope). Bad points: I hurt my knee, Jana hurt her back, so we're down on labour & therefore are behind schedule getting moved out; light directly over laundry area is dead (not just the bulb); dryer plug had to be replaced (Fred Meyer trip at 9pm at night). And no internet until Friday at the earliest.

Not so bad, the downs; well, except for the injuries.

So many good-looking posts that I CAN'T READ... if something really exciting happened, please comment here.

RIP Steve Irwin. :(
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Mitch Hedberg, who was damn funny, in a very Steven Wright kind of way.

The former drummer for Crowded House, in an apparent suicide.
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Went into paroxysms of glee when I noticed that Fred Meyer now carries Splenda-sweetened low carb chocolate ice cream. It's not bad, not ice cream really, more like frozen yogurt — it's just not creamy enough, in my opinion. Still a nice treat and still quite yummy.

Sad this morning to hear that Robert Stack, of Airplane! fame and "Unsolved Mysteries", has died.

It's finally hitting me that next weekend (Memorial Day for your 'murricans) is the big event, Egil's, and I'm trying to think about what kind of foods to bring, because we haven't been camping since we've been doing Atkins. Thankfully we are buying into Marian's kitchen, and she's so good at sorting out everyone's likes, dislikes, allergies and avoidances. It's the snacky things I have to worry about. Diet Rite cola for sure!

(Note to self. Go to ShopKo and buy the airmattress with the legs. Your back thanks you.)
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My strongest memories of her involve drama and music.

I can't remember where they were going that morning, but the destination wasn't crucial in any way, only that it wasn't local. She forgot to 'spring forward' the clock that morning and when they arrived to pick her up, she was still in hot rollers, thinking she had plenty of time in the world. (They broke the land-speed record, I think, in order to get there on time.) She starred as Leisl in our high school's "The Sound of Music", and oh, the snickering during her main song ("Sixteen Going on Seventeen"), because anyone who knew her knew she was not at all the innocent that Liesl was. Nor was she a floozy, as she was in "Funny Girl" where she and I played a pair in our vintage '20s dresses, sidling up to Dave S.

She was diagnosed with cancer while early in a pregnancy. I learned late yesterday that she died on Wednesday... the first and only Daria that I ever knew. I did not know her terribly well, but well enough to know she was a good person.

Today she would have been 33. I'm not even 33 yet.

As I read the obituary my dad scanned in from the local paper, it seems that she had not changed at all from the kind, well-liked girl I'd known in school. I can only imagine the hole her death has left in their lives: her family, her close friends, and her music students.

Rest in peace.


Feb. 3rd, 2003 10:55 am
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Saturday was a pretty laid back day. I spent it with my housemate for the most part, doing a quick grocery trip to Fred Meyer, then we cleaned the storage room, putting in a new 6 foot shelving unit (industrial strength black plastic -- this thing can hold cases of bottled Pepsi (at the cafe) so I knew it would hold my useless crap). An and Marian stayed in the office most of the afternoon playing "Emperor", another one of those Caesar 3 type games where you build houses, buy food, appease gods and control lives (which, IMHO, is a little too much like real life for my enjoyment).

I saw no TV.

I saw no internet.

(This was due to the fact that my ISP seems to have changed something (like, the DNS IP numbers, this has happened before) so I could not dial in and An's computer was occupied. No 'net, no mail, nothing.)

Flash forward to Saturday night. I've got the end of "Law and Order: SVU" on and suddenly I see a blurb for the news and I see candles and flowers of remembrance, explosions and NASA, and I think, Wasn't the Challenger anniversary a few days ago? And then I realize with a sickening horror that this is a brand new and awful catastrophe, and as the newswoman says the Columbia has exploded, the only word I could manage was


It brought 1986 back all over again... sophomore year in high school, the shocking explosion live on TV, especially shocking to the drama advisor / physics teacher, Mr. Packman, who had been in the running to be on that mission... the wash of relief amidst the horror that he was still there with us, and we had that to console us. We took what we could.

This time... I don't know what consoles me.


I suppose I find great comfort in the fact that there are still men and women of all cultures and creeds willing to venture beyond the relatively safe bubble of this planet Earth. Many people dream of going to the stars -- I have never been one of those, but respect those that do. (Deep water scares me, let alone deep space.) So, bless them all for keeping the spirit of discovery and knowledge alive.


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