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What might possibly be the first "scareware" site for Macs: MacSweeper, which offers to scan your Mac for security risks and then will fix them... for a price.

In at least one instance an F-Secure researcher visited the MacSweeper site and clicked a button labeled "Free scan." The scan highlighted Mac-related problems, even though the researcher was using a PC.

Uh, yeah.

A user on one of Apple's discussion boards wrote that their Safari browser kept redirecting to the MacSweeper site, a sign that malicious scripts may be involved.


In short: keep away from this piece of crap site / "software".
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I have been saved from heart-less displays while using Firefox 2.0+ on the Mac.

If you don't see a heart here --> ♥ <-- then you can use these steps to fix it!

  1. Firefox > Preferences… > Content tab
  2. Under the Fonts & Colors section, click on Advanced….
  3. Click on the drop down next to Fonts for: and choose Japanese. (Yes. Japanese. See note below.)
  4. Next to Serif, choose "MS P明朝" or "Osaka". ("Osaka" did not seem to work for me, and I also set Sans Serif to "MS P明朝" --that was the one that made the difference for me. I also changed the sizes to 16 to make them a bit bigger.)
  5. Change Default Character Encoding to Western (MacRoman).
  6. Change Fonts For: back to Western (or whatever you use).
  7. Ta da! You should see hearts now.

Per the above linked page, a quote from [ profile] codeman38: For some reason, Firefox thinks that hearts should be rendered in the default Japanese font regardless of the language of the actual page— yes, even if the English font includes a heart symbol, as is the case with, for instance, the latest release of Arial. There is some serious wrongness in its text-rendering routines, needless to say.

(A big thanks (and a multitude of ♥) again to [ profile] umbo for pointing me to this post and for letting me know a fix even existed in the first place!)


Dec. 4th, 2006 08:31 pm
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So when I got to work today, I had absolutely no internet connectivity whatsoever. Which would Not Do At All. So I closed my eyes, and meditated back to my techie days...

...and then it came to me: delete EVERYTHING out of the Temp folder and the Temporary Internet Files folder.

I did. And it worked.

Go me.
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Last night, I hooked [ profile] cerulean_fleur's computer to mine via a Firewire cable and Disk Doctored her drive as if it were an external hard drive. Whee! I love experimenting like that and making it work.
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I used Retrospect to back up the entire iBook volume and then restored its contents to this here hard drive. And when I rebooted, this computer is now magically exactly the same as the iBook was.

I am in heaven. 1280 x 864 pixels of glorious desktop, 51.97 G of free space.

I should finish typing in my notes from training class, but damn, my head is suddenly killing me. Probably because I stayed up too long… typing in notes from training class. (Yawn.)
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It's BEAUTIFUL... Now to back this computer up and put it over there. (Times like this I wish I could just c/p.)


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