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I was out in the garage doing laundry yesterday (oh, I got SO much done yesterday, you have no idea) when suddenly I hear this building whoooooooosh sound, then a POW! Followed by a whirrrrrrr. Then I realized that someone had set a pair of felt boots down on top of the boxed-up Starship Enterprise-D. You know, the one with warp-core (whooosh-POW) and impulse engine (whirrrr) sound effects.

I laughed my ass off, but at first — lordy, it scared the living hell out of me.


Sep. 7th, 2006 02:16 pm
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Still moving.

Knee: still hurts.

DirectTV: Is AWESOME. Except now I have to figure out how to hook my receiver, VCR, and possibly the Replay unit into the mix.


Sep. 5th, 2006 05:27 pm
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Have a big long post about moving... sitting trapped on my laptop. :) Good points of house: 2 full-sized water heaters, sterilizing dishwasher, larger bedroom, much larger bathroom (with 2 sinks), DirectTV through Qwest instead of Comcast for cheaper (OMG, BBC America?!?!?! I hope). Bad points: I hurt my knee, Jana hurt her back, so we're down on labour & therefore are behind schedule getting moved out; light directly over laundry area is dead (not just the bulb); dryer plug had to be replaced (Fred Meyer trip at 9pm at night). And no internet until Friday at the earliest.

Not so bad, the downs; well, except for the injuries.

So many good-looking posts that I CAN'T READ... if something really exciting happened, please comment here.

RIP Steve Irwin. :(
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The frenzy begins tonight, with needing to pick up the U-Haul tonite by 8pm, meeting new landlord at 7:30pm, and An working until 6:30pm. No, I guess we didn't want to eat dinner at all :P

Come to think, the frenzy actually began earlier courtesy of an email/voice mail volley with the garbage collection company and a phone call from the new landlord. I am frazzled and exhausted, and we haven't yet begun the actual move. (On a related note: Why is it that the writing urge strikes at the most inopportune times?)
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While the ultimate goal is a long time coming -- getting out of this crappy house -- I still hate hate hate the thought of moving. Today, we got the living room and the bedroom mostly packed. My back aches. I'm thankful (in a way) that most of what we're moving is still boxed up from two years ago, and the actual move itself should be fairly speedy. But the prep is a killer.

If any one of the local friends is interesting in helping move next weekend, we'd love the help. Thanks.


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