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I sent these to a couple of friends, but then said to myself, "Self, you should share these with LJ peeps."

Courtesy of Brian at work, I give you, for both Mac and Windows:

System 47: a LCARS-style screen saver (ST:TNG). I currently have this on both my home laptop, and my work Mac Mini. It's totally sweet. It's got the sound sounds and everything, though I turned the sound down, 'cause it kind of gets to you (and those around you) after a while. (Mac Leopard kicks up some Quartz-has-been-deprecated errors if you're nerdy enough to scope out your Console logs, but it doesn't seem to affect the screensaver at all.)

The HAL Project: Brian has this running on his Mac Mini at work, and I just downloaded it to try it out. It mimics display animations from HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Once you enter the site, you have to follow Downloads, then Screensaver, then choose your screen's resolution. Ta-da.

Have fun. :)
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So there's been this thing that's been bugging me for years: all of my old files from back in the day (i.e. Mac Classic OS) had old, pixelly desktop icons, and I couldn't figure out how to get them to display with the shiny new icons. To wit:

Thankfully, someone else knew! \o/

So if this has been bugging you too, the short version: either cut the icon out of the Get Info window, script this to happen, or use CocoThumbX to drag and drop the files into the program -- folders full of files! And now, no more ugly pixelly icons! YAY!

(To show the spiffy icons: in the Finder, choose View > Show View Options > Show Icon Preview)

The 'after' shot:

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There was this deal that I couldn't refuse... and...

Does anyone want to buy a 15" TiBook, G4, 1GHz processor / 512 MB RAM / 60 GB HD / SuperDrive / Tiger OS?
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I have been saved from heart-less displays while using Firefox 2.0+ on the Mac.

If you don't see a heart here --> ♥ <-- then you can use these steps to fix it!

  1. Firefox > Preferences… > Content tab
  2. Under the Fonts & Colors section, click on Advanced….
  3. Click on the drop down next to Fonts for: and choose Japanese. (Yes. Japanese. See note below.)
  4. Next to Serif, choose "MS P明朝" or "Osaka". ("Osaka" did not seem to work for me, and I also set Sans Serif to "MS P明朝" --that was the one that made the difference for me. I also changed the sizes to 16 to make them a bit bigger.)
  5. Change Default Character Encoding to Western (MacRoman).
  6. Change Fonts For: back to Western (or whatever you use).
  7. Ta da! You should see hearts now.

Per the above linked page, a quote from [ profile] codeman38: For some reason, Firefox thinks that hearts should be rendered in the default Japanese font regardless of the language of the actual page— yes, even if the English font includes a heart symbol, as is the case with, for instance, the latest release of Arial. There is some serious wrongness in its text-rendering routines, needless to say.

(A big thanks (and a multitude of ♥) again to [ profile] umbo for pointing me to this post and for letting me know a fix even existed in the first place!)
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A nifty set of OS X icons for "Lost". (I've tried to find this artist's first set, but I can't find it.)
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I recently downloaded the new, improved TV Tracker. It rocks.

The upside: The listings are fully customizable, and when you click on the show a little description of the what's airing, for even shows like "Forensic Files" (which don't typically appear in TV Guide).

The downside: It appears to be for US listings only. And the listings provider is Zap2It, which you have to sign up for, entering the certificate code provided during installation. The Zap2It subscription appears to expire in June of '06, and there's no indication what happens after that date passes. (I'm sending them an email.)


Jan. 3rd, 2006 10:55 pm
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Hm. I shoulda created a tag for this days ago.

So. Got the iPod software installed and the Shuffle registered (I called it "Calliope"). I initially had some trouble keeping the Shuffle mounted. It kept acting like it was being physically pulled out and pushed back in. I did a Restore on it, and got it to load up my music AOK.

And then, for no good reason, the Shuffle disappeared off of my desktop / out of the list in iTunes, never to return. When I plug it in to the USB port, it just blinks orange, and refuses to be recognized by iTunes or the System Profiler as being attached. The songs are playable; I listened to it.

When I plug it into An's PC's USB port, it behaves itself and is charging properly. No blinking orange status light. I am suspecting the fact that I only have USB 1.1 ports on this computer may have something to do with it. So I'm looking at a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card now. (I had no idea I had a PCMCIA slot. Keen.)

A night of errand running (bank, store, laundry) and troubleshooting and all I wanted to do was sit and veg, possibly ruminate and write. Grar.

Oh! [ profile] umbo, my Mac Guru friend found this link for a replacement SuperDrive, if your PB is also a 15" Titanium DVI (1GHz processor). Since it is not an Apple brand SuperDrive, the caveat is that it might not support burning from iDVD. This site (this page is also for the DVI) shows how to replace the optical drive, and it looks fairly easy in comparison to, say, the clamshell iBook hard drive. Don't know a.) how feasable a $90 replacement drive would be and b.) if you're comfortable working on your Mac hardware, but I thought I'd pass the info on to you. :)

Holy carp

Dec. 10th, 2005 08:24 am
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It says 23°F outside (-5°C) on the weather widget, and I have to work today from 9am - 2pm. Today would be a great day to burrow down inside one's bed with the heated mattress pad turned way up. Alas, it is not to be.

Had a productive night last night. After getting assistance from the Mac Guru, Avery (i.e. he installed the new hard drive into the iBook), I got OS X Panther all nice and reinstalled onto it. So the iBook goes from 6G to 40G. I remember when 6G was more than one could ever use -- hell, I remember when 2G was spacious as hell -- but now the OS takes over 2G all on its own. I created two partitions so that the second partition could be used as the Startup Disk to run Disk Doctor and Speed Disk on the primary. Jerry (who had purchased the iBook off of me and who had left it with me to try to fix it) will be very happy.

And while I did this, I watched Bridget Jones' Diary. Again.

Super Keen

Aug. 16th, 2005 07:08 pm
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I may never have to buy a newspaper again. Except maybe for the comics.
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One part endlessly expanding hotel + one part surrealism + one part public domain etchings = Hotel Gadget.

Can't claim to have found it, myself. Friend E found it. ([ profile] ceruleanfleur, this is the same one we were watching last night.)
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I used Retrospect to back up the entire iBook volume and then restored its contents to this here hard drive. And when I rebooted, this computer is now magically exactly the same as the iBook was.

I am in heaven. 1280 x 864 pixels of glorious desktop, 51.97 G of free space.

I should finish typing in my notes from training class, but damn, my head is suddenly killing me. Probably because I stayed up too long… typing in notes from training class. (Yawn.)
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It's BEAUTIFUL... Now to back this computer up and put it over there. (Times like this I wish I could just c/p.)


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