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Monday night: While in Word, mouse cursor disappears, and keyboard becomes unresponsive*. Had to hard boot by pressing and holding down power button. Never a good way to power a computer down.

Tuesday: more and more erratic behaviour. Keystrokes repeating and mouse focus disappearing. I am freaking out, because the solution to the problem (which is not entirely uncommon with this model of MacBook Pro) described seems to universally be a new top case. As in, the top half of the computer. As in, $300 or so. I am 6 months out of warranty, and pretty damned broke at the moment.

(Mind you, Avery the Mac wizard said he has a top case that's a bit beat up, and that would have made a dandy test... and while I would have gratefully accepted the help, that would have meant a trackpad with the edges curling up...)

Wednesday morning: More really wonky behaviour, culminating in a Finder window opening when I click on the Mail icon in the Dock. That was not okay. I leave for work; upon further reflection, I become concerned that this might be exacerbated by the heat, so I send a message once at work to ask someone to shut down my computer, which [ profile] janabard does for me. I'm feeling despondent and generally upset that I might have to resort to an external keyboard and mouse when I've become completely addicted to trackpad gestures.

And then, while researching during lunch at work?

I find this.

<cue choirs of angels>

Solution is to wedge a piece of paper between the trackpad cable and the battery to increase the pressure on the cable that's bowing up. The ultimate in low-tech.

After I took out the battery (which is situated right beneath the trackpad), I ran my finger along the cable and I swear I heard a tiny little click. That might have been enough to solve the problem, but I stuck the paper in there anyway just to be safe. And put a tiny piece of tape on it so it doesn't move.

Keyboard and trackpad are working like a charm now without a lick of trouble. And I am relieved beyond measure! \o/

(* = If I'd been thinking I would have tried the pen tablet i.e. externally connected by USB.)
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What might possibly be the first "scareware" site for Macs: MacSweeper, which offers to scan your Mac for security risks and then will fix them... for a price.

In at least one instance an F-Secure researcher visited the MacSweeper site and clicked a button labeled "Free scan." The scan highlighted Mac-related problems, even though the researcher was using a PC.

Uh, yeah.

A user on one of Apple's discussion boards wrote that their Safari browser kept redirecting to the MacSweeper site, a sign that malicious scripts may be involved.


In short: keep away from this piece of crap site / "software".
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Dear Universe,

I know my SuperDrive has teetered on the brink more times than a cat has lives, and has even been resuscitated from the dead in the past, and being that it's MR and all, I know I am asking a lot when I beg of you: please don't let my SuperDrive die now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.




Jan. 3rd, 2006 10:55 pm
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Hm. I shoulda created a tag for this days ago.

So. Got the iPod software installed and the Shuffle registered (I called it "Calliope"). I initially had some trouble keeping the Shuffle mounted. It kept acting like it was being physically pulled out and pushed back in. I did a Restore on it, and got it to load up my music AOK.

And then, for no good reason, the Shuffle disappeared off of my desktop / out of the list in iTunes, never to return. When I plug it in to the USB port, it just blinks orange, and refuses to be recognized by iTunes or the System Profiler as being attached. The songs are playable; I listened to it.

When I plug it into An's PC's USB port, it behaves itself and is charging properly. No blinking orange status light. I am suspecting the fact that I only have USB 1.1 ports on this computer may have something to do with it. So I'm looking at a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card now. (I had no idea I had a PCMCIA slot. Keen.)

A night of errand running (bank, store, laundry) and troubleshooting and all I wanted to do was sit and veg, possibly ruminate and write. Grar.

Oh! [ profile] umbo, my Mac Guru friend found this link for a replacement SuperDrive, if your PB is also a 15" Titanium DVI (1GHz processor). Since it is not an Apple brand SuperDrive, the caveat is that it might not support burning from iDVD. This site (this page is also for the DVI) shows how to replace the optical drive, and it looks fairly easy in comparison to, say, the clamshell iBook hard drive. Don't know a.) how feasable a $90 replacement drive would be and b.) if you're comfortable working on your Mac hardware, but I thought I'd pass the info on to you. :)

Woe is me.

Sep. 28th, 2005 07:52 pm
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Remember the iBook I used to have? I think its disk is bad. )

I am now rethinking the plan to become a Mac hardware tech. IF ONLY this thing had a Firewire port, I could make it a target disk...

Must shower before new "Lost". Sorry, [ profile] brinshannara, didn't get to analyze Whispering Walt before the new one.
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When you see this on your flist, quote Firefly.

River: The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems.
Mal: See, morbid and creepifying, I got no problem with, long as she does it quiet-like.


I got myself a four day weekend. I went to check my PTO balance, and realized I have 83 hours accrued. I never get sick *knocks on wood*. So yay, long weekend to look forward to!

I also got a raise effective 10/1, an adjustment based on current market standards. I'm getting $1.05 more an hour. And after my one-year anniversary, I should be eligible for a merit raise. I know they're doing this to keep a mass migration from happening (to A Major Cruise Line that's opening a call center very soon here in town), but I'll take it nonetheless.


After running Disk Warrior for over 24 hours on ye old iBook -- yes, it's normal for this program, apparently, to take this long or longer to analyze the drive -- it looked more and more like there were some actual bad blocks. (The disk was recognizable as a disk again, but it never got past the initial "grey apple, spinning circle" thing that normally is only seen for a few minutes at the beginning of startup.)

So I reformatted and wrote zeroes to the drive, ran Disk Utility... and the error message about invalid node size on the B-tree did not go away, which I found odd. So I erased the partition, which gave me an error message (which, ok, bizarre!) and then the partition disappeared. I zeroed out the drive again, ran Disk Utility, and ta-da, no more error message. Something, I think, about the disk partition was corrupted. Wish I knew what caused it. (BTW, I would really love to do this sort of thing for a living. Must do research.)


Aug. 3rd, 2005 08:41 pm
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I think iPhoto... disappeared. I'd swear it'd been installed as a part of Tiger but searching for "iPhoto" with Spotlight and all it found was my photo albums. Weird.

(Just remember. For every "WTF"s, there are 1000's of "Yay!"s. :) )

[ETA: I just searched the install packages. It's not on there! Augh!]


Jul. 27th, 2005 07:25 am
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I woke up this morning, flipped on my computer (I'd turned it off because it seemed a bit too warm — hell, it was a bit too warm in the whole house) only to find that most of my mailboxes were just plain gone. Mind you, I found them thanks to cool use of logic in the face of fire, so to speak (searched for "mbox", they'd been moved to ~/Mail/Library/(null)@(null)), but the momentary OMGWTF!!1! was not a great way to start my morning. (Any Mac folks know what might have happened there? Mac Tiger 10.4.2, Mail is v. 2.0.2.)

Finished rereading the first Harry Potter book and noticed two things at the very end that I'll comment on later, as I have to leave for work now. :P


Jul. 24th, 2005 02:44 pm
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The good news: nuking and paving and upgrading to Tiger had an unexpected bonus:

The Superdrive works again!

My LCD screen is no longer wigging out!

I had no idea the hardware issues were software related.

I am, however, annoyed that I'm getting I/O errors trying to copy my data back to the hard drive. Grar. So now I have to re-encode some of my MP3s, and I lost 2 of my major mailboxes. (ETA: and the contents of my Inbox proper. Argh. I had emails to reply to.) And all of my iCal data (not too broken up about that, though, because I rarely used it. Just some family birthday data).

By the by, I love the Dashboard. *swoon*
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Second kernel panic in 3 weeks. Time to back up my stuff manually using a list I got from the Apple website... and dive into Tiger with both feet.

Wish me luck, and see you on the flip side.


Jul. 10th, 2005 12:31 am
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Not all of the DVD-Rs in this package can possibly be bad. I've cleaned the heads/lens of the DVD writer. And I've uninstalled and reinstalled the backup program. And it's still failing to write a backup successfully, though the burner writes discs just fine. How can I trust this software (Retrospect) to write a valid backup? In fact, it burned me once before — I lost a whole lot of stuff when I nuked and paved, went to restore, and learned the hard way that the backup was corrupt.

I guess what I need to know: the name of a reliable, not flaky, easy-to-use backup program for Mac (not Tiger yet, that's the point of making the backup) that will write to DVD. And not cost a fortune.


Jul. 4th, 2005 03:41 pm
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Spent an unholy amount of time trying to back up my computer last night with a program I swore I'd given up on. I shouldn't have bothered. First DVD failed (the error message mentions either "bad media" or "dirty lens"). Second time it appeared to burn okay (to 2+ DVD-Rs), but on the verification step it was having trouble reading back and made the program crash. I suppose it could be that the lens on the DVD-R really is dirty so I plan on getting a lens cleaning kit as soon as I can find one, but, feh. Waste of DVD-Rs, and time, and here I am on my day off, wanting desperately to upgrade to Tiger, and I don't dare do so without a recent/decent backup.


(If [ profile] grian_ruadh gets that job, I am so going back to Costco for that 80g external disk for backups...)
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I'm apparently not alone in having my laptop invaded by ants!


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