Aug. 15th, 2007 08:26 pm
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On the way home from some shopping errands tonight, we noticed the marquee for the fair said that REO Speedwagon was playing this evening (i.e. right now). [ profile] janabard didn't know who they were, so I broke into the opening strains of "Take it on the Run" (not 100% sure of the title, but it starts: "Heard it from a friend who / heard it from a friend who....").

When we got home and got out of the truck, that was the song they were playing (we can hear the concert all the way from here). Just about died laughing.
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Off again today. I needed the time off after July.

Got the truck back with the diagnosis that the alternator has a bad diode, which is probably the cause of the gas mileage going to hell. Can't afford to fix that at the moment, what with all the deposits for moving and so on. Watched a couple of movies, got the dishes washed, ran a load of laundry. Forgot what time [ profile] grian_ruadh got off of work and ended up sitting in the parking lot a half hour longer than I needed to.

I probably ought to think about organizing and putting things in boxes. Though the majority of stuff is already in boxes, so it'll just be packing the living space, which honestly I don't see taking a whole lot of time.

Today's the first day of the Lane County Fair, and with it, the parking permit and the hawks attempting to find a place to park. Loverboy and Styx are the big names this year. We'll probably be able to hear it in the living room. :P

I almost forgot that this upcoming Saturday is PIG DAY! YAY!!!


Aug. 19th, 2005 05:29 pm
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I am so, so glad that is Friday. How do four days qualify as The Longest Week Evah™???

OMG we have got to get out of the house tonight: David Lee Roth is playing at the Fair!!!11!11one!
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A better illustration of the closeness of the Fair. )

If that Ferris wheel got loose, it could conceivably run over my house! :O
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The deep, sustaining booming sounds i.e. the bass from whatever the hell concert's going on over at the Fair. This equals headache :P But it's a beautiful night. It never got very hot today, cloud cover, pleasant evening. :)

I derive a great deal of twisted pleasure in blockading our little section of street and preventing the fair-going folks from parking so close to the fairgrounds. Mwahahaha.
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Shot from the front sidewalk with the moon in the upper left corner. The house is to my left, the street to my right. )

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with all of the cool settings on the camera. It has a setting for "night pictures" which would have likely made this a better picture. :)
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I can see the Ferris wheel from my kitchen window. I'll take pictures later so that you all can grasp the impending annoyance that is the Lane County Fair (16th-21st). At least this year we have the swooby city parking permit that will allow us to call Parking Control if anyone moves our sawhorse/sign out of the spot and parks in the street in front of our house, and their asses will get cited and/or towed. (Oh! They refunded us $12 on the permit because the permit's unenforceable on Sunday.)

I have been utterly spoiled by having three days off. I don't wanna go back to work. Add to that the fact that I slept like a baby, and by that I mean waking up every two hours, tossing and turning, and thisclose to wailing in frustration.


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