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I wonder what it is about the evolutionary history of house cats that compel them to bat pens and other long, thing, cylindrical objects off of desks.

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Rowan willingly allowing the kitten to do this? I'm pretty sure it's a sign of the apocalypse. )

ETA: Shortly after this, they both went to sleep. ON THEIR HEADS!

Spay update

Nov. 9th, 2006 05:09 pm
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Welll, Nefret is now home and aside from her back legs still being a bit on the wobbly side, she seems no different than usual. She immediately went to biting at the suture, so we took a spot Band Aid and stuck it over the suture. It's gonna be a loooong ten days.

No, I lie. The first thing she did was use the catbox, which was comically messy, as the lack of control over said back legs meant she didn't have the usual necessary grace to pee, plus cat litter sticks to damp, so... mom to the rescue with a towel.

And now she's trying to climb and run (I say 'trying' because of back leg wobbliness and clipped nails). The post-op instructions expressly say not to let her do this, but what am I supposed to do, keep her trapped in the carrier? Sigh.

Oh, the vet seems to think that she's close to a year old based on her teeth (which is just... not possible!) and is probably a black Siamese.


Head is hurty again. Think cold has transformed into a sinus infection. :P


Nov. 8th, 2006 11:48 pm
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Very happy about election results, have a five day weekend ahead of me... yeay.

Taking Nefret to get spayed tomorrow. Rowan and Arwen are SO not happy about the fact that all of the kibble bowls have been hidden. (No food after 8:30pm for the little one.)

Have quite a few comments to reply to, but the head, she is throbby and achy.
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Thank the gods for Faux Dayquil FakeQuil (ha ha, I am so funny). This is the stuff with the actual pseudoephedrine in it, an older box (like from last winter) that I found in the cupboard. I will be having a chat with my doctor to get a prescrip because it really is 1000% more effective. (In Oregon, pseudoephedrine is now by prescrip only. Damned meth heads.)


I spoke too soon. Little Ms. Thing has made the connection between "Ape (Particularly Food Mommy Ape) Getting Up In Morning" and "Food Magically Appearing in Dish". Bugger. I still want to keep feeding her the kitten wet food twice a day because I do think it's helped her put on some weight and grow, but this 4:30 am business has got to stop. I can't really shut her out of the room because the older girls like to sleep behind our knees (plus, they make holy hell of racket trying to come in if it is shut). Spray bottle comes bedside tonight, I guess. I just get to drag ass all day; as if I wasn't already feeling craptastic enough.

Ah, spray bottle. She was up on the counter top this morning and I made the mistake of introducing her to the spray bottle in the vicinity of the gargoyle pen cup. The wing broke off. :P I suppose that is what super glue is for.


Time to go make lunch.
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Well, after much deliberation -- with no help from Little Miss herself, though she does answer to it -- the kitten is officially named Nefret. Egyptian for 'beautiful', appropriate as she is quite Bast-like though miniature, and she is quite as headstrong as her Elizabeth Peters character's namesake.

More pics tonight!
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Had the day off; took Tiny Girl (aka TG aka KITTEN!) back to E's to get her last kitten shot (feline leukemia). She did not like the carrier but more importantly did not like having to stay in the carrier for the hour or so we hung out at E's to make sure there weren't any adverse reactions (there weren't). TG's now discovered [ profile] janabard's chair and is making herself at home — it's one of those camp chairs with a canvas bottom, and that equals KITTY HAMMOCK!

Also made an appointment for the 9th of November to have her spayed. Please, folks, let's have some "don't let TG go into her first heat" vibes, because the vet that gave her the shot today said that cats who are fixed between their first heat (4-6 months) and the age of two are at increased risk of breast cancer. She is really small and the vet says the length of the day affects cats going in to heat, and shorter days ahead of us here bode well on that front.

Also took care of some chores (bills, mostly) — oh, and discovered we have voice mail that's been active since cable was installed (since we now have Comcast Digital Voice). Discovered there were messages! I set up voice mail properly and now at least we know to check for messages. The really cool thing is that you can actually check voice mail via a website: listen to the messages, save them to disk and everything. :D
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Thanks to all who commented on the kitten pix. She is a bit of a handful, but she is a kitten. She likes to hunt her own tail at 6am. She likes to try to go to sleep on my chest while I am asleep. Her little nails are like pinpricks against the skin. But she's so soft and loves to have her chin rubbed.


Feeling a little melancholy, as a friend's dad passed away this morning. My thoughts are with you and your family, hon.
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She's in the icon, but there's more behind the cut, to spare the friends list )


Oct. 14th, 2006 08:12 am
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Kitten on lap!!!11!!!

::ded from cute::

ETA: Kitten SLEEPING on lap OMG ::thud::
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Of the bad: I have to work tomorrow. :P My throat is scratchy. I'm fricking sick of wraps for lunch, and Safeway has stopped carrying the precooked chicken wings (aka Buffalo wings).

Of the good: KITTEN DAY!

We went and bought kitten-related stuff last night (kitten kibble, kitten wet food, a collar, and a third food bowl -- theme: purple). I can see it now: Rowan is not going to speak to us for days when we bring this interloper in. :)


Oct. 10th, 2006 05:29 pm
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We've gotten the green light from the Cool Landlord for a new kitten! Yay!


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