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Witches Work Their Magic in Hurricane Zone

Oct. 31, 2005 — When Tracey Johnson first moved to Petal, Miss., and opened The Circle of the Green Faery, she didn't receive the warmest of welcomes. It seems not everyone in the small, rural southern Mississippi community was willing to accept a witch who sold supplies for pagan lifestyles.

But ever since Hurricane Katrina, Johnson's shop has been bustling.


"This little town has hated us for so long, but then Hurricane Katrina hit and the government failed them so miserably, while we were able to get relief from the gay, lesbian, pagan, Muslim and Jewish communities."

Bright blessings, all, on this Samhain.


Sep. 8th, 2005 06:12 pm
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Flash-based political cartoon, link via [ profile] khalja. The last segment will make you cry.

Also, I'd like to include this timeline taken from an email I received from, which was adapted from this site. It debunks the widely held belief that the Governor of Louisiana did not declare a state of emergency in a timely manner.


Friday, Aug. 26: Gov. Kathleen Blanco declares a state of emergency in Louisiana and requests troop assistance. [Link to actual press release]

Saturday, Aug. 27: Gov. Blanco asks for federal state of emergency. A federal emergency is declared giving federal officials the authority to get involved.

Sunday, Aug. 28: Mayor Ray Nagin orders mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. President Bush warned of Levee failure by National Hurricane Center. National Weather Service predicts area will be "uninhabitable" after Hurricane arrives. First reports of water toppling over the levee appear in local paper.

Monday, Aug. 29: Levee breaches and New Orleans begins to fill with water, Bush travels to Arizona and California to discuss Medicare. FEMA chief finally responds to federal emergency, dispatching employees but giving them two days to arrive on site.

Tuesday, Aug. 30: Mass looting reported, security shortage cited in New Orleans. Pentagon says that local authorities have adequate National Guard units to handle hurricane needs despite governor's earlier request. Bush returns to Crawford for final day of vacation. TV coverage is around-the-clock Hurricane news.

Wednesday, Aug. 31: Tens of thousands trapped in New Orleans including at Convention Center and Superdome in "medieval" conditions. President Bush finally returns to Washington to establish a task force to coordinate federal response. Local authorities run out of food and water supplies.

Thursday, Sept. 1: New Orleans descends into anarchy. New Orleans Mayor issues a "Desperate SOS" to federal government. Bush claims nobody predicted the breach of the levees despite multiple warnings and his earlier briefing.

Friday, Sept. 2: Karl Rove begins Bush administration campaign to blame state and local officials—despite their repeated requests for help. Bush stages a photo-op—diverting Coast Guard helicopters and crew to act as backdrop for cameras. Levee repair work orchestrated for president's visit and White House press corps.

Saturday, Sept. 3: Bush blames state and local officials. Senior administration official (possibly Rove) caught in a lie claiming Gov. Blanco had not declared a state of emergency or asked for help.

Monday, Sept. 5: New Orleans officials begin to collect their dead.
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Via [ profile] shellmidwife: Here's What Gets Me. Yeah, this pretty much sums it up for me.
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"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this -- this is working very well for them." — former First Lady Barbara Bush, talking about the Katrina refugees (via [ profile] hoosier_red)

(You can hear her say this via the Drudge Report.)

I am just... at a loss. Whatever respect I might have had for her is out the window. Though it sure does explain a lot about her son, doesn't it?
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Via [ profile] ciroccoj, from I Drew This:

Every American needs to read this, and get spitting mad about it. )

And to anyone who thinks D. C. Simpson is out of line, I say: KISS MY ASS, because I'm that pissed off, and I don't get that pissed off that often.

ETA: I forgot to also include this prophetic Houston Chronicle story from 2001, also linked from the same site above.


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