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Another headache. Am thinking I might need to see the doctor as it is the fourth day in a row, at least. :P

Love having BBC America. Stayed up too damn late and watched two hours of "The Office" UK last night. OMG, the guy who played the porn double in Love Actually (as well as Arthur Dent in the recent Hitchhiker's Guide movie) played Tim (counterpart to Jim from the US version and yes, I realize the UK one came before the US version)! And the guy who played the pirate with the wooden eye in POTC played Gareth (the Dwight counterpart)! I quite enjoyed it, once I got into the cadence of the accents.

Much to do, no energy to do it. Bleh.


Jun. 25th, 2006 11:59 am
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Woke up this morning sounding like I smoke a pack and a half a day, and feeling slightly woozy. Sad thing is my poor cat Rowan is sneezing and sounds congested too. And they're forecasting a high of 98°F, which I know is peanuts for some of you, but it's also kind of humid, and we don't have A/C. And I feel crappy. Who knows -- there may be a trip to the movies anyway.

Also, note to self: don't take your sinus / allergy meds on an empty stomach, because your stomach does not like it. You should know better.
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I forgot:
  • …to replenish my sinus pill stash.

  • …to grab my vitamins.

  • …my lip balm.

So I'm going to have a miserable sinus headache, be flat as a pancake, and my lips are gonna be hella chapped. Grumble.

So. Tired.

Jan. 30th, 2006 04:57 pm
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My sinuses are my mortal enemy. They are preventing me from breathing comfortably through my nose. I think it's affecting my sleep.

Weekends are never long enough, and this week will be the first week in three that I'm working M-F. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

iPoddy goodness is making it all better though. I must find a skin though; it slid off of my lap at the bus station and now one of the corners is scuffed up.
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Dentist + weather / pressure change + too little sleep = headache from Hell. Bah.

According to this site, I was born on the Ides of November. Hee.

Come on, dinner. COOK FASTER!

A day

Feb. 5th, 2005 11:39 pm
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I spent an unholy amount of time today sucking things into iTunes. And some previously sucked-in mp3s are driving me crazy because I'm changing the names in the Library list (to capitalize the artist names, correct mispellings) and when I play the songs? It reverts to the previous bad spelling! Argh. Any suggestions?

Put up this very fine Kate Dillon background made by [ profile] tanacawyr. She was nice enough to make it Mac-friendly so I didn't have to have my icons interfering with the eye candy. Weeded out some other desktop pictures that are so small on this screen now that if I stretch to fill the screen, they were all pixelly, and that's of the bad.

Got a nasty sinus headache. When those little antihistamine pills say that they work for 24 hours? They lie.

Fighting ants on my desk. Again.

We're doing the 'meat fast' again. Which is kind of exactly the opposite of what it sounds like. Opposite of vegan, I guess. And of course, I want a big bowl of flaxseed chips with salsa and sour cream.

And now I'm tired, but don't want to go to bed, because I don't feel like I've done anything useful today.


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