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Simon and Yasmin le Bon have been married 23 years come next December?

I remember when they got married in what I thought was a rather shotgun fashion, and honestly I never thought they'd stay together. I'm very glad for them, obviously, but it's not possible, you see, that it's been 23 years. Someone needs to double-check this figure.

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I just caught the end of Bravo's Live Earth presentation. Duran Duran (doing "Girls on Film", dude!!) at Wembley; The Police at Giants Stadium. I think people could hear the squee three blocks away.
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On YouTube: "Careless Memories"/Duran Duran anime boys from the "Astronaut" tour. This is awesome.

::downloads into iPod::
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Thanks to [ profile] jidabug's prompting, I was able to tweak the Smooth Sailing layout to my liking. Alas, I was not able to find any of the preset colour schemes but I like the blue tones well enough. Bonus treat for those with the font Texas Hero installed.

Also, one year ago, approx. right now, there was much grooving & feeling like 16 again. Sigh!

ETA: I just found the presets. DUH!


Feb. 15th, 2006 08:19 am
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Duran Duran to perform at Olympics tonight!

ETA: I can't find whether or not this is actually airing on TV. If anyone in the Eastern time zone sees them performing, please comment and let me know (or email me directly) so that I can catch it. I'd be ever grateful. Thanks.
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Simon's going yacht racing again. Hard to believe it's been nearly 20 years since the boat disaster.
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It was the first time I'd ever been to the Rose Garden, home of the Portland Trail Blazers (I'm so not a basketball fan). Stepping off of the MAX (light rail) and approaching the building was like walking through the mists of time, bootleg tee shirts and ticket scalpers, oh my.

I haven't seen that much faux animal print, lace patterned nylons, and skinny pink ties since 1985. One lady (we think it was a lady; it was hard to tell across the arena, even with my opera glasses) really stood out with a shock of copper curls and a silver sequined top. We had a great time chatting amongst us three, and I was particularly amused to find a woman sitting behind me with THE PURSE!

The opening act, Ima Robot, was too loud. (And though we meant to grab earplugs, we forgot.) The only way I knew their name was the tee shirt on sale in the lobby. The lead singer was part-Bowie, part-PiL, and they were on for the longest thirty minutes in existence. If my ears are gonna bleed, it's gonna be for music I want to listen to.

Their entrance was magic. The house lights went down, the rear stage lights came up, they appear in silhouette… and the screams and applause hit crescendo. The electrical crackle in the air was tangible. And suddenly everyone in the place went back in time 20 years. It was awesome.

Gacked from, the Portland setlist, with commentary and a picture of Anime-Style Duran. )

Train ride home was amusing with Drunk Blonde Woman Dressed in "Seven & the Ragged Tiger" blue satin jacket. Thankfully we could barely hear her because we were all upper-register deaf at this point.

And then the ride back to [ profile] jidabug's to collect my computer*, and then the drive back at 12:30am, and the arrival home at 2:30am-ish which brings us back to do, do, do, do…

*= We had my computer to listen to party shuffle on iTunes, because the truck's stereo (and I use that term loosely) blows a fuse whenever we turn it on.
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The only reason I am vertical right now is because I had to take [ profile] bellecurve down to the opera to work.

Adventures in Oil Changes

Before heading out on the road, we stopped and had the oil changed, since it was due anyway, only to discover there is an oil leak that the guys there could not fix (not because they didn't know what's wrong, but because they didn't have the tool get it off to replace it). It's a leak in the oil pressure sending unit, which explained why the oil pressure gauge would suddenly shoot down to zero and the Check Gauges light would come on, even though I know there's enough oil.

But they did alert us to deep cracks in the serpentine belt and a major hole in the coolant hose, I'm happy we got it taken care of before the ~2 hour drive up north. Breaking down would have been a Bad Thing.

A Good Place to Get Techie Stuff, If You Ignore the Employees

Fry's, that is. Went in with the express purpose of buying [ profile] bellecurve some more RAM. With only 256K right now, her computer pretty much laughs when she tries to open anything. I'd like to slap the people in charge of "the cage" (where they keep the list of RAM, processors, and other very small and very pricey items; why this needs to be locked behind plexi is anyone's guess), because the RAM she decided on after much deliberation was not available anymore. My thought: Why is it still listed on your stupid board??? We ended up spending a little more than I'd wanted but it's higher end, I think, and a $20 rebate. Also got the cable for porting music in to the receiver from the PowerBook. Bose speakers, baby.

Of course, I way overestimated the amount of time we'd need to travel and spend in Fry's. Even after stopping for lunch/dinner (linner?), we ended up showing up at [ profile] jidabug's place WAY early. She was still at work. :P Thankfully D. was home to let us in and we vegged on the couch reading magazines (me: MacWorld; [ profile] bellecurve: Wired) until [ profile] jidabug got home.

She graciously made us some coffee, we primped a bit for the show, and then we headed out.


More later. I must shower and do some stuff. (It is so nice outside that I have the window open. I have made the cat a very happy girl.)


Mar. 11th, 2005 02:42 am
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Just got home from a night of being absolutely 14 all over again.

(To remind those not as obsessed as I am: Duran Duran in concert, accompanied by [ profile] jidabug and [ profile] bellecurve.)

The short review: WOW. Highlight, among many: Simon le Bon doing "The Chauffeur" dressed as one. Hello, high school fantasy!

Random aside: Prince, Heather Locklear, Johnny Depp, and Nick Rhodes all have a collective group portrait stashed somewhere that is doing their aging for them. Or they are drinking the blood of virgins, or something.

Time for bed.
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Went digging up this gem of a site from almost ten — ten! — years ago: Scott's Page of Evil. Because it's hosted on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, none of the pictures will load, so when you link there, just immediately hit stop on the browser. *snerks at the reference to Netscape 1.1*

Craving chocolate. Just sayin'.

As [ profile] jidabug sez: Three more sleeps 'til Duran Duran! Hee!


Mar. 2nd, 2005 09:28 pm
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T minus 7 days and counting until Duran Duran!!!

By the way. :)
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I now know where I will be on March 10th, 2005! (Thanks, [ profile] jidabug, for being the ticket getter!)

I was all set to re-initialize this disk to repartition it after making a backup with Retrospect, except I noticed that the backup was way the hell smaller than I thought it should be. So I looked at the contents of the backup catalog file… and discovered that the Applications backup had NOTHING listed under it. Oooh, that woulda been a DISASTER.
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You can't send in a personal check to pay off your vehicle and expect to have the title/lien release the next week.

You can't call in three days before you leave for Mexico and expect to have a permission letter in time to drive your car-which-is-as-yet-not-paid-in-full.

You can't call the day before you leave for Japan and expect to have instantaeous permission to store your vehicle.

And so on.


Of the happy: Duran Duran, coming to Portland!

Of the suck: The show's on a Thursday night, and gawd only knows how spendy the tix are.


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