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PLEASE do not use the newly rolled out 'feature' to Facebook- and Twitter-connect comments on any of my posts. Thank you!

If you use Firefox and Greasemonkey, you can install DisConnect to prevent the options from appearing on your posts or comments so you don't accidentally click on it.

If you want to verify that you are not cross-linked to FB/Twitter, or you no longer want to be, go here.

Also, pingbacks are back, and appear to be "Open" by default, not "Disabled". Check your settings for this here.
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Don't think of it as pessimism; think of it as disaster recovery planning.

There are two good options; it really depends on whether or not you want to save your comments.

1.) XJournal. This will back up your posts. It has a graphic interface and is easy to do, and the downloaded entries are easy to view through the program (though are stored in a plist file, which... who knows if they can be exported into other formats). Downside: again, no comments. Also, I have no idea if posts can then be re-uploaded to another site.

ETA: Additional discovery: if you have multiple journals, XJournal seems to hang on to the history of the first journal you indexed, which makes sense, as it's one preference list file for the program. Whoops.

2.) LJdump. This will back up posts and comments. It's a Python script (Python is native to OS X). I'm doing this right now. Downside: it's all Unix-y, so if you're intimidated by that, this may not be for you (though, really--it's not that complex); also, it is also not immediately evident what one can do with the output, as far as viewing the posts, and it's not clear whether entries can then be restored to another site.

(By the way, if you have a 7 year old journal like I do (7 years in February--eek), this backup can take a while. :) )

This post (from which I found the above information) by [ profile] crasch can tell you how to use each of the above to do a backup.

Using Windows? Per [ profile] brinshannara: LJBackup. She calls it "great". It backs up comments, too.


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