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Day 21 - Favourite ship

I believe the phrase they're looking for is "'ship", as in relationship, unless they want me to name the favourite boat I've ever seen on TV. (Which I'd have to say? The Love Boat.)

Without question it had to be Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard on TNG. Confession time, not like this is a big secret, but I have always had a thing for the sort of male character who's cool under pressure, smart as a whip, stoic and taciturn, but when his defenses are down and he lets someone in, it's revealed that there's so much more churning beneath the surface than one can possibly imagine (preferably there's an accent involved). It's probably a good thing I never read Pride & Prejudice as a pre-teen because I would have been hopelessly in love with the character of Mr. Darcy. As this was not the case, I settled for the odd soap opera character (Robert Scorpio comes to mind), then along came the Captain, who embodies all of these things, and would not be dethroned for many a year ;)

Beverly Crusher was his equal in every way, yet was as fiery and outwardly passionate as he was not; while she learned to rein in her wayward tongue she was far more garrulous, more social and extroverted, than he ever was. (And she dances.) Add in the angst and strife of their shared history (guilt over the death of her husband Jack, who died under Picard's watch), at odds with their obvious physical attraction, which faded into a comfortable (or not so comfortable) friendship by the end of the series, at which time things seemed to be on track... or were they? Because future events seemed to indicate there might, might, be a schism, a divorce... but the future was also elastic! Argh.

Oh yes, we were teased and taunted... and now I like to think, like [ profile] brinshannara, that in post-movie canon, they're happily holed up in LaBarre, France. ♥

Honourable mention: Xena and Gabrielle; Pam and Jim (The Office, especially season 2); Joe and Allison (Medium). Don't currently have any big TV 'ships going at the moment that I can think of. Maybe Hoyt and Jessica from True Blood? I'm really rooting for those crazy kids to get back together.

(This is a lot wordier than I was expecting!)


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