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Hello, and welcome to Day 12.

Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times

TNG's "Attached", because given what the promo showed us, it seemed that all of those years of hoping for a get-together for Crusher (doctor, obv.) and Picard was finally gonna pay off. Plus I was extra super jazzed because it aired during my birthday week.

Sigh. What could have been! It's a good episode, don't get me wrong; I thought it was a lovely character piece, the dialogue was snappy, the acting was first-rate (oh, that fireside scene was wrenching) and it gives Beverly something more to do than just be caregiver and moral compass.

The ending, however, was completely disappointing, and my disappointment was only compounded when I laid hands on the shooting script, courtesy of Lincoln Enterprises. There were Changes, and I don't just mean changing "tea and crumpets" to "coffee and croissants" (for breakfast). There were Big Changes. Two.

  1. At the end of the scene by the fire. In the scene, they have their Awkward Conversation, then decide it's time to sleep. In the episode, they both sort of just... lie there, Picard stock straight and stiff as a board. Scene ends. In the script:

    They both lie down by the fire and get comfortable.
    The two of them lie on their back, looking up at the
    sky.  After a beat, Picard puts out his arm, and
    Beverly puts her head on his shoulder.  She closes her
    eyes, but his remain open, staring up at the sky.

    A flippin' bit of snuggling!

  2. Near the end of the episode proper, when they're talking and... well, let me just put in the text, and I'll bold what was changed.

    So now that we've had this… 
    unique experience… what do we do 
    What do you mean?
    You know exactly what I mean.
    No I don't. The implant's been
    removed, remember?
    I mean now that we know how we
    each feel… perhaps we shouldn't
    be afraid to explore those
    Beverly takes a long moment… looks at Picard, then
    makes her decision.
    I'm not afraid… but I'm also not ready.
    Picard nods silently. …

    To me, this was a significant change. As it was… there was a chance. What the dialogue was changed to--"Maybe we should be afraid"--is a door slamming shut in, IMHO, no uncertain terms.

Anyway. I have watched this OHHHH too many times, and, as you can see, still get a bit passionate about it. :) And I've already mentioned the awful, awful dress.

The door was tantalizingly peeked open again on the prospect of a relationship for these two in "All Good Things…", only to get a nose in the door to learn they've divorced. *facepalm*

(Wow. That was wordy!)
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