Jul. 17th, 2010

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[livejournal.com profile] brinshannara made me do it! :D

Day 01 - A show that should never have been canceled

My first, knee-jerk reaction was to say Firefly, Wonderfalls or Pushing Daisies, but I realized that in a way, through fandom, these shows are still going strong.

So instead, I'm going to name two others I have always wished could have stuck around longer:

Nowhere Man: From the Wikipedia page: "Nowhere Man is the tale of a photojournalist named Thomas Veil. After leaving to use the restroom while out to dinner with his wife, Tom returns to find that his life has been "erased." His wife does not recognize him and is living with another man. His ATM cards no longer work. His best friend turns up dead. His mother was previously recovering from a stroke, so she is incapable of confirming his existence. In the course of a single evening, every trace of Tom's identity has been erased."

I loved the premise, I loved the execution, and I was disheartened when it only lasted a season. I'd love this series on DVD. (1995??? I don't remember it being that long ago!!)

Journeyman: From Wikipedia: "The series centers on Dan Vasser, a newspaper reporter living with his wife Katie and young son Zack in San Francisco. For an unknown reason, one day he begins "jumping" backward in time. He soon learns that each series of jumps follows the life of a person whose destiny he seems meant to change. Dan's jumping affects his family life and his job, and instills suspicion in his brother Jack, a police detective. While in the past, Dan reconnects with his ex-fiancĂ©e, Livia, whom he had believed was killed in a plane crash…" [spoiler snipped]

This too only lasted a season, and had great potential, but was a casualty of the 2007 Writer's strike. It was a little bit Time Traveler's Wife, a little bit Quantum Leap. There was so much more to tell. I was so disappointed that it only ran for 13 episodes, and this one is not yet available on DVD.

The rest of the meme, if you want to play along. )


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